My Advice For (High) School

Since a lot of students recently went back school again, I thought it would be great to give you some advice for school. I'm going to discuss 4 big topics today that I wish people gave me advice on the past few years.


Summer Favorites 2018

School started today for me and even though it was an okay day, I just don't want to accept that my summer vacation is over and that fall is literally going to start in less than a month. I had a nice summer and to stay a bit longer in that summer vibe, I'm going to share my summer favorites today.

Bouillon and Dinant (Belgium) – Travel Diary

Even though I already live in Belgium my whole life, I don't know too much of it. I always thought that Belgium was a boring country that just didn't have anything special compared to other countries like France or Spain, for example. Boy was I wrong. Lately, I've been quite fascinated by Belgium and the beauty of it. I've realized that this country really is beautiful, but you just have to go to the right places.

Get to Know Me

My first ever post on my blog was an introduction of me and my blog. When I read that back, I'm just cringing so hard. I notice very well that I'm now a lot more comfortable with writing and sharing my thoughts and that the type of posts on my blog have changed a lot since then. I also noticed that I didn't even introduce myself properly in my introduction post. The information I gave about myself wasn't a lot at all and not even that useful for a first introduction. I changed a lot, both inside and outside and I thought it would be nice to introduce myself again, but better, to get to know the brain behind this page called 'KiddyPawz'.

What I Learned Being 15

May 7th was my birthday and I'm now officially 16 years old! To be honest, I really liked being 15. It was a nice age for me, because I started to grow up in a different way, without feeling too much of an adult or too grown-up. It was also the age that I started to realize and learn things about life and the age where I found out more who I was and what my interests are. So here's a little list of things I learned being 15.